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l  Mine Equipment &Engineering Machinerycrushers, dredging machine, drill, loader, bulldozer, crushing mill, gear reducer, belt conveyer, mineral tripping car etc.

l  Grinding Machinery and relevant equipment: cylindrical mill  machinery, vertical mill, high pressure grinding roll, tube mill, separator, various grinding medium, wear-resistant material, hear proof material

l  Calcination and Cooling System: cyclone preheater, precalcination appliances, rotary kiln; clinker cooler.

l  Transport equipment: various mechanical conveying system, pneumatic dispatch equipment and relative equipment.

l  Filter and relevant applicances.

l  Feeding and Metering equipment: feeder gate, feeding equipment, bing-hole, weighing batchbox, volumetric feeder, volume dosing unit.

l  Waste gas treatment equipment: various dust collection equipment, conditioning tower, entilating fan.

l  Bulk Cement and Pack Cement equipment: bulk cement handling equipment, transportation, measuring equipment, warehouse equipment,cement

l  Technological process control and automation technology: control system, detector technic, automatic instrument, NSP control, nation speed controlled equipment, nating frequency conversion equipment.

l  Power Generation by waste heat facilities: waste heat boiler; set of generate electricity and relevant facility.

l  Conveyer Device: Various conveyers, air conveyer and relevant devices.

l  Storage and conveying mechanical system: storage, weigher; cleaning special device; various carriers, conveyer, chain etc. transport mechanism and their accessory apparatus

l  Control systems: information system, central control system, automatic facility and application software

l  Power Generation by waste heat facilities: waste heat boiler; set of generate electricity and relevant facility

l  Facility lubrication and Grease oil: various hydraulic press, gear oil, compressor oil, lubricant grease and relative equipment.

l  Auxiliary Accessory: dryer for raw material and fuel, mill for steel slag, waste incineration equipment, gearing device, jointing device, air compressor

l  Logistic System: Bulk Cement, cement silo, port and boat, bulk loader, cement tank, automatic vehicle.

l  Waster Material disposal and using technology and equipment.

l  Various Cement admixtures

l  Cement Corporation, engineering construction corporation, institution, association, media

l  Products and technology of refractory material for kiln

l  Various security and safeguard products and equipment in Cement Factory



CEMENTTECH 2015 The 16th. China International Cement Industry Exhibition
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