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 Exhibition Success – 10 Top Tips  (Part 1)

    1. Aims & Budget
    Decide what it is you want to gain from the event; set clear goals and be very specific. Don’t try to accomplish too much in one day.

    One of the benefits of exhibiting is the potential for new sales leads from actively interested visitors, and so ensure that one of your aims for the day is to quickly and efficiently gather customer data. Find a way to make them want to give you their details and make it quick and easy for them to do so.

    Prepare your budget for the event carefully and be sure to factor in the following if applicable;

- Cost of your exhibition space.
- Design costs for displays/banners and marketing literature
- Print costs for displays/banners and marketing literature.
- The cost of any electricity, water/waste connections you may need.
- Staffing costs.
- Furniture hire or purchase (may be more cost effective to purchase if many events are planned)
- Transport costs.
- Cost of any freebies or samples provided.

    2. Location, Location, Location
    Before you book your space conduct some research. Speak to past exhibitors and find out which are the best and which are the worst spots. You may hear useful comments such as “Hall 1 was busier because they had the fashion shows in there”.

    Find out for your show where the big attractions will be, it makes sense to attempt to position yourself where traffic will be heaviest.

    To be continue


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